Royalty-Free Music

If you are interested in using royalty-free music as part or all of the soundtrack to your media film, a few websites for you to check out are listed below. If you’re needing more information about copyright and the impact of choices that you make regarding your soundtrack, you can check out the Copyright – Music for your Film page.

Two pages that provide a range of links to royalty free music are:

England’s Young Film Academy


Brett Lamb’s LessonBucket.

A few other sites that are worth exploring include:

Freeplay Music – For any piece of music on the site, you can pay $1 for a Student Film Festival license.

Tryad – A band that released their albums straight into the public domain.

Project Gutenberg – A collection of old audio tracks that are now in the public domain.

CC Mixter – A collection of audio tracks that can be used royalty free, as long as you provide the appropriate attribution.