The “Best Shots of All Time”

The YouTube channel CineFix sells itself as “the ultimate destination for true movie buffs & filmmakers”, and it has compiled a series of the best cinematic shots of all time. Watching the series will both develop your sense as to how the various kinds of shots work and also provide you with exposure to an impressive collection of shots that you can use as inspiration for your own filmmaking.

Part 1 is about shots which use different frame sizes. You can watch all of this below, or you can click on the links under the video if you just want to watch the discussion of one particular shot type.


Long shot

Mid shot

Extreme Close-up

Extreme Long Shot


Part 2 focuses on relational shots – shots which have more than 1 person in them, focusing on the relationships between the people in the frame.

Over The Shoulder (OTS)

The “Dual Layer Shot”, when two characters are both facing the camera at the same time, with one character being closer to the camera than the other.

The Two Shot

Group Shot

Crowd Shot


Part 3 is about shots that focus on places and things.

Establishing Shot

The Insert

The Cut Away


The final part of the series considers 5 brilliant moments of camera movement.

Slow Push In

Slow Push Out

The camera turning away from the action

The distracted camera

Busy camera movement


For the remainder of your introduction to camera techniques on Opening Class, follow the links below:

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