Camera Shots and Angles

Here, you will find definitions for the major camera techniques that you are likely to need to either refer to in a film analysis, or to think about including in a design for a media film.


In order to ensure you understand the major shot types and camera angles:

1) Download the PowerPoint on Camera Shots and Angles.

2) Once you have it open, you will see that there is one slide for each of the 11 shot types and camera angles.

3) Each slide has an empty square in which you can insert an image. Your job is to find an appropriate image from one of your favourite films for each slide. For example, for the ‘Extreme Long Shot’ slide, you need to find an image of an extreme long shot from a film of your choice. For this task, you may want to visit Cinematic Paintings or Movie Screencaps.


For the remainder of your introduction to camera techniques on Opening Class, follow the links below:

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