For students looking to create posters for a Media project, below are a number of links to explore for inspiration. Some of these lead to beautiful designs, while others have been included as they incorporate original concepts that might spark some creative ideas.

1) DESIGN SCHOOL – 50 beautifully designed posters to help people escape their “designer’s block”

2) VISIONS OF THE FUTURE – Posters from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, portraying locations in space as futuristic travel destinations.

3) GRAPHIC MOVIE POSTERS – The best of all time according to Vanity Fair

4) DUSTY DIRTWEED – Gig posters designed in a retro style.

5) MINIMALIST SOCCER GOALS – Simple designs that celebrate famous goals

6) MINIMALIST KIDS CLASSICS – Posters for children’s books, designed in a minimalist fashion

7) PARIS VS NEW YORK – Fairly minimalist posters contrasting the two cities

8) SPRINGFIELD FILM FESTIVAL POSTERS – Poster art for the films featured in the classic Simpsons episode ‘A Star is Burns’

9) FILMS WITH ONE LETTER REMOVED – Sketches of potential scenes from ‘Finding Emo’, ‘Fight Cub’ and others.

10) KIDS GAMES AS MOVIES – Cracked held a competition for people to design movie posters for children’s games

11) STAR WARS – Alternative posters for the Star Wars trilogy.

12) STAR WARS PROPAGANDA – Propaganda posters from the world of Star Wars

13) ICONIC MOVIE POSTER TYPOGRAPHY – An analysis of the fonts used in some of Hollywood’s most famous movie posters

14) GRAPHIC DESIGN FROM THE 20s – From Inspirationfeed.

15) WORLD CUP TEAMS – Posters for the 2014 World Cup teams, designed for ESPN

16) ENDANGERED SPECIES – For each animal on this spectacular site, you’ll find wallpaper that doubles as a poster

17)BEST MOVIE POSTERS OF THE 2010s – A list of the best movie posters of the decade, with “best of the year” lists at the bottom of the page


Typography-based posters

1) LITERARY QUOTES – Quotes from literary classics

2) THE WIRE – Quotes from the tv series The Wire

3) STOP TWEETING BORING SHIT – A satirical series called ‘Rules at Work’