Ads – Print

For students looking to create an advertising campaign for a Media project, below are a number of links to some interesting ads for you to explore for inspiration.

1)  ADS OF THE WORLD – A range of creative ads, consistently updated, from a range of advertising companies.

2) VINTAGE ADS FOR MODERN PRODUCTS – A stylistic collection, advertising 21st Century websites through the use of vintage conventions.

3) MINIMALIST ADS – From Inspiration Feed, 20 beautifully designed minimalistic ads.

4) POWERFUL SOCIAL ADVERTISEMENTS – Ads addressing social issues, often published in creative locations.

5) ADS WITH INTERESTING DESIGN TECHNIQUES – Design School presents a wide range of creative design techniques, with example advertisements for each of them.

6) AWARD WINNING ADS FROM CANNES – Winners of the Cannes Lion festival print advertising awards in 2014.


8) VINTAGE WORKPLACE SAFETY ADS – From the Netherlands.

9) A COLLECTION OF CREATIVE ADS – From ViralNova, some of these are fairly minimalistic.

10) MAKING AMERICA MYSOGINISTIC AGAIN– From SaintHoax, using some of Donald Trump’s words in vintage sexist advertisements.