Reading Lists

Are you in the early-middle years of high school and searching for something to read now that you’re past Harry Potter?

Or are you one of the many talented students in the middle-later years of school who finds that they can compose fluent and interesting pieces of writing, but are still searching for a level of sophistication in their writing that the best writers of their age have?

Opening Class has a few reading lists to help spark some interest – either for students who haven’t read much for a long time, or who haven’t found anything of interest since loving young adult books.

Some of the lists are also aimed at students who might not be into novels, but might prefer reading well-written journalism that is aimed at an adult audience.

These lists are filled with a wide range of reading material that students often find engaging. If you choose something to read from one of the lists, please don’t keep reading if it’s not something you’re interested in. Instead, try something else from one of the lists on Opening Class, or ask someone to guide your next selection.




Sports Writing

Graphic Novels

Longform Feature Articles