Reading List – Websites for Longform Feature Articles

Longform feature articles for students to explore.
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To start with, Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic has compiled a list of  100 great features from 2013100 more from 2014, 100 more from 2015, and 100 more from 2016.

For articles released in the past few weeks, you can check out or Both of these sites have ‘Best of’ sections too – Longform has a few lists on the left hand side of their homepage, while here are the best features of 2016 according to Longreads.

Finally, here are some other pages to check out for excellent feature writing:

From Australia

The Monthly (You can read a few articles for free each month)

The Good Weekend

From America

The New Yorker

The Atlantic

On Sport

Sports Illustrated Longform

SB Nation Longform


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Sports Writing

Graphic Novels

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