Re-Cut Trailers

In the YouTube age, re-cut trailers have become a genre of their own online.

For those of you who have been asked to put together a re-cut trailer of your own, there are two kinds of trailers that are important for you to become familiar with.

The first are re-cut trailers that have been made by others. The most famous re-cut trailers clearly show how just a few editing techniques, such as changing the speed or colour of a scene, or adding titles, voiceovers or effects can completely alter the tone of a film.

You can watch some re-cut trailers below, beginning with perhaps the three most famous examples of the genre.

Scary Mary:

The Shining:

Mrs Doubtfire as a horror movie:

CineFix also have a playlost of 50 re-cut trailers:

Once you have watched these, you can consider the genre in which you plan to create your re-cut trailer. Once you have made that decision, you should then watch a number of examples of trailers from the genre in which you are working to develop your understanding of how trailers from your genre work. For example, if you’re turning a kids film into a horror trailer, you should watch a number of horror trailers so that you can create something that matches the traditional style and conventions of a horror trailer.