Example Production Design Plans

A Production Design Plan (PDP) is the document that you put together in what is called the “pre-production” stage of creating a media project. PDPs vary in terms of what is required for you to include in them, but ultimately they are a comprehensive planning document that clearly details what you will need to do in order to create and complete your media product.

Before looking at example PDPs, it is important to realise that:

  • Different schools have different requirements for what must be included in a PDP.
  • Many sections/specifications will be present in every PDP you look at. This includes the ‘Intention’ and ‘Audience’ sections, as well as every film PDP having a storyboard.
  • Students are not permitted to start creating their product until their PDP is completed.
  • When you create your own PDP, you are able to include any extra sections you would like to – there are no limits. If you feel something is important to your specific product, include it in your PDP.

You should consider your PDP to be complete when someone who is familiar with your chosen media form is able to read the plan, and visualise precisely what the completed product will look like.

For some example PDPs, head to the Australian Teachers of Media Victoria website. You will see PDPs for film, photography, and print products.