Citable: An easy way to put your online research in one place

When you are researching a topic, saving information you have found can often be a long and frustrating process. Not only do you have to cut-and-paste any quotes you might want to save, but you also need to copy all of the information you’d need for your bibliography – the website’s url, the title of the website, the title of the article, the author and the date.

For those of you using Google Chrome, there is now an easier way to do this through an add-on to Chrome called Citable.

To learn how to install and use Citable, here’s a tutorial from BetterCloud:

Importantly, just like other Chrome applications, Citable will follow you whenever you login to Chrome. For example, if you login to Chrome on a school chromebook or desktop and you install Citable, then the next time you login to Chrome on a different computer, Citable will already be available to you on the top right of your screen.